Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Get a Girl to Fall in Love with You!!!

Show her your lovable qualities. People don't just decide with whom they want to fall in love. Love happens because the people involved have lovable qualities. Love often develops over time, so your job is to show the girl that you're worth being around. Let your personality shine through, and give her the chance to see who you really are and what you have to offer.
  • A good lovable quality to have is kindness. Be kind to everyone and go out of your way to help people. Don't be selfish, but rather self sacrificing. Help others achieve their dreams. Your girl will be very impressed.
Be funny. Get a sense of humor. It's no secret that girls love guys who can crack a joke or be funny. Practice jokes on your friends every so often, and learn the jokes that work and the ones that don't work. When you're alone with a girl, telling a joke can be a great way to break the tension.

Get to know her. Getting to know her is about more than just memorizing her birthday and when she was born. Spend time with her, build trust, and come to appreciate the things about her that she doesn’t often show. Learn about her fear of water (and why she’s afraid) or learn about her most embarrassing moment (and help her laugh it off). Understand how she thinks and what she believes. This will help you love her as a complete person, and she will appreciate that more than you can understand.
  • One good way to start is by asking her opinion on religion or politics. This will not only give you the chance to get to know her better, but it will also show her that you think she's smart and her opinions are worthwhile.
 Find out what she likes to do. Then do those things with her. Doing something that you know she likes has the added advantages that she feels comfortable and safe doing it. If she's comfortable when you're out on a date, she's more likely get close to you, hold your hand, or even kiss you.

Don't judge her. Don't judge any girl that you develop feelings for. They are their own person, with their own qualities just like you are. We all do things that drive other people crazy or seem weird. If she does stuff that you can't even try to understand, then she's just not the girl for you. That doesn't make her a bad person and you shouldn't be mean to her about those things.

Respect her thoughts, feelings and emotions. Try to see everything from her point of view. Show her you appreciate and admire her opinions. More than that, you can try to adopt her point of view.
Be honest and genuine with yourself and with her, always. Honesty builds trust, but once the trust is broken, it never returns. From that moment on, your words will be suspect. Reveal your true heart and soul. Do not fear to "bare all".

Be willing to listen and communicate. The most important aspect is to learn to listen patiently and passively as a "sounding board". The understanding that you gain will help to communicate in a caring and helpful way.
  • As part of this process, recognize her wants and needs. Be truly open to her expressions and feelings, both verbalized and held deep within.